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Wealthy Affiliate Advantage: How To Catapult To The Top Of The Affiliate Leaderboards
Without Having To Spend A Lot Of Time, Or Money!
📍Summary:  Break through the affiliate funnel barrier and generate a flood of sales, 24-7, without having to spend a lot of time, or money building overly complicated affiliate campaigns.
When it comes to turning website leads into a customer base, there are 3 important steps in the process:

Let me break it down like this:

You have to get personal !
Top affiliate marketers know exactly how to connect with their audience on a personal level, and they’re willing to go the extra distance – further than the competition does.

But now, before you get all freaked out...

This does not have to mean spending countless hours of time crafting personalized emails, or doing any unessecary back-breaking inter-webbing ninja work. 

You can still easily connect with your target audience in a way that demonstrates your commitment to them without having to sacrifice every second of your spare time catering to individuals with a thousand random questions or help requests.

Nope! That's not not for me either!

However, this does mean every element in your sales system needs to be tweaked so that you speak directly to your target audience and demonstrate a desire to bring them real value.  

 Finding and bonding with your target audience 

From your landing pages, squeeze pages, and sales pages, to your email campaigns and social media posts....

You'll need to create compelling content that is not only is share-worthy, but speaks directly to your market.

So, you need to know who your demographic is...

So you'll know how best to attract, conver and then delight them!

You need to know how best to guide them, like a good friend, every step of the way... through your sales funnel. 
If you’ve done your job of earning their trust along the journey and persuading them that you have exactly what they need to improve their life in some way, you’ll see an immediate increase in conversion rates across the board. 

This involves knowing what makes them tick, what their most interested in, and what they are looking for. Offer that to them and you’ll break through all barriers and earn that commission time and time again. 

Converting a prospect into a customer happens automatically when you’ve followe these guidelines. 

Remember to always...
 • Serve your prospects. Design your emails and landing pages around what would be most helpful for them. 

 Speak their language. Use words they they've used when discussing their frustrations and pains.

 • Earn their trust.  If you focus on earning their trust, you’ll also earn their loyalty. 

 You simply can not come across as one of those pushy marketers only looking out for that one favorite person: themselves. 

Even brand new customers who may not be as savvy with Internet Marketing tactics quickly catch on these kind of affiliate marketers, just after a sale, without any true desire to to help or offer value.   

Ultimately, no one wants to buy from someone clearly only interested in closing the sale. 

Offer incredible value – in a unique and authentic way

Go above and beyond the status quo and give a massive amount of unique value they can't find anywhere else!

Yes, you should offer your prospects additional value – for free – just for purchasing through your affiliate link.

But, I'm talking about doing more than that...but in ways that won't take you a lot of time or cause you a lot of extra work.

Here's the thing...

You're into your niche, right?

You've probably got a ton of notes and files you've saved from all the research you've done and things you've learned... Right?

Well, you could easily provide something like a done-for-you template that you've already created for yourself, that eliminates their workload, and simplifies their process.

You could offer them a free checklist of things they need to know about... that you probably already have laying around on your computer but they'd have to dig around the internet to try to find.

What about a list of helpful resources that they'd find particularly useful? They would probably be thrilled if you shared your list with them. 

You do want to make sure anything you give them does tie-in to the main product you are promoting, without taking away from what that product offers.

This also means that you should never create a component that is already part of the main package that you’re promoting. 

Of course you should offer something not already included in what you're selling.

Do this instead:

Create freebies and bonus items that enhance the value of the affiliate product your promoting.  

Especially when it comes to bonuses...

Give them things that they would really need and want if they were buying the affiliate product.  

Ideally, it should truly enhance the eperience of the main product for them so much, they wouldn't dream of not purching through your affiliate link and missing out on it! 

You want the benefits to be clear to anyone who is considering purchasing through your links, by letting them know they’re making a smart decision by buying through you.

The idea is to create high-value bonus offers that your audience doesn’t already have, and won’t see from another affiliate marketer.

There’s no getting around this...

You should know what they are most interested in so you can capitalize on that when creating your bonuses or free resources.

The very best bonuses are more valuable than the product itself. Your offer should demonstrate clear value and be an absolute no-brainer to those who are considering purchasing through your link.

Remember, Always work towards creating content and bonuses that enhance the value of the product being sold, and limit distribution whenever possible. 

 Make the offer unique and special in some way, and whenever possible, exclusive.

Final Tip

If you really want to catapult to the top in affiliate marketing one of the fastest ways to make your journey easier is promoting the right offers to begin with...

You'll need to investigate trending niches that are new, and not overly saturated with competition

You want to find something to tap into that has a profit potential that's truly long-term. 

If you’re not sure how to do the extensive research you should do, or how to analyze the data, 

I'll to share one perfect niche opportunity with you today... It has all the right criteria you should look for in an affiliate marketing offer to promote and the potential to build you an incredible income stream...without even spending a dime to get started.

It's within a booming market expected to grow 700% by 2020. 

Sound like a winner? I agree.

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